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Graphic design is an art and design activity to create a harmonious and effective visual and communication environment. On the other hand, graphic design is a form of visual communication using text, images, or promoting a message to present information.

What stages do we go through when creating a brand?


Logo development

A logo is a graphic sign, emblem or symbol used businesses, organizations and individuals to improve recognition and recognizability in society.


Brand book development

We provide professional brand book development services. This time-consuming and costly undertaking is worth it so that as a result all information about the brand were organized and collected in one place.


Presentation development

When developing a presentation of your company, we adhere to unshakable rule: sales come first, and bright design comes second.


3D graphics

When developing a presentation of your company, we adhere to unshakable rule: sales come first, and bright design comes second.



Illustrations, especially hand-drawn ones, will make your site unique. In addition, they will be craft (made by hand) - and this now in vogue.

What stages do we go through when creating a brand?

When your company has a brand or you have been using it for some time, situations arise in which it is treated incorrectly not only from outside, but also within the team. There are a lot of examples: the wrong shades of color were used on the packaging of the goods, the image of the brand turned out to be fuzzy on printed products, in violation of the rules, employees do not follow the dress code, etc. So that such unpleasant moments no longer overshadow life, your company needs a brand book. Its main three parts firmly establish the rules and standards for brand use.

Brand Usage Standards

Brand platform

This part should contain a story about your company: its positioning, mission, brand attributes, target audience, slogan, brand legend.

We use only the most modern tools in our work. graphic design, capable of influencing your target audience with maximum efficiency audience for your maximum benefit.

When developing a presentation of your company, we adhere to an unshakable rule: on the first place - sales, and bright design on the second place.

We know exactly what will lead to the success of your presentation - it is a well-designed structure, text and design that can sell your product / service.

A successful presentation consists of:

Title slide with unique selling proposition (USP)

We immediately catch the reader by telling in an accessible language that you intend suggest, and why it's better than others. That is, we demonstrate USP. We also place here: your logo, a very brief description of the company, occupation, contacts.

Information that sells

Company business card. It is important to immediately briefly describe what you were able to reach without delving into history. Your achievements are well-known clients and completed projects. The numbers will tell you how many contracts have been signed and performed tasks.


We will introduce the audience to your most successful projects. We will provide the client with “social proof” of a solution for someone similar to his problem.

Indicators of our work

No need for a lot of words about your work, just show your certificates, licenses, permits, diplomas, diplomas. This is the best proof of how you can work. This inspires great confidence among customers.


It is important to separately place customer reviews about your work. The words of real people mean a lot to consumers who have not made a choice. And the presence of your articles or publications about the work of your company in regional, central, or industry media will definitely add credibility to you.

We call on the client to act

That's all said and done. Calling a potential consumer to take an action completes your presentation. The choice is up to the client. Be sure to orient the client on further actions: contact you, leave contact details, fill out an application.

When do we recommend using 3D graphics?

When it is necessary to show your product from the favorable side, which is still in development and does not exist in reality.

Everyone is looking for profitable solutions for their business. So, a real shooting ordered by you from a photographer or videographer will cost more than preparing a video from our 3D designers.

We use 3D animation to advertise your product/service, make an interactive presentation for your company.

For preliminary visualization of any object ordered by you before manufacturing a prototype.

When filling in backgrounds when developing your product catalogs.

What can we offer?


We will develop an illustrated character for your company, which will become the face of the company and its talisman. We will create illustrations of any format and color scheme for your website.


Refresh your product packaging, branded clothing design, interiors with our illustrations. Believe us, we can do a lot, and we can offer you wonderful opportunities to bring your brand to a new result.


And everything else at the meeting!

You can email us or fill out the feedback form and our team will contact you immediately! We will definitely work together!