“Searching for something new where everything has already been said”

Solving problems, mostly commercial ones, with the help of strong text is copywriting. For any business, a word is a powerful weapon capable of solving various problems. It will convince you to buy your product or service, tell you about its benefits in a fascinating way, and inspire confidence. In our company, such a weapon is wielded by a copywriter - a creative specialist who takes into account all the characteristics of your target audience, predicts its reaction to information and leads them to get acquainted with your product. The task of a copywriter will be solved if your client has registered on the site, agreed to receive mailings, left a request or placed an order.

Main steps:


Types of texts

Nobody needs text for text's sake. Demand for unique and quality articles has grown, because every word and line in them should decide a specific task: to inform, lure, entertain, educate, sell.



Naming is its name formation of your brand, product, companies. Naming is an important part of branding development.



A slogan is a concise expression of an advertising nature, easy to remember and encapsulate the main essence of what your company offers


Advertising script

A commercial script is a story written in certain rules, which subsequently must be told to the viewer with the help of video filming and voice acting


Engaging storytelling

A commercial script is a story written in certain rules, which subsequently must be told to the viewer with the help of video filming and voice acting

What text can we write?


These articles will not sell anything for you, but they will definitely attract the attention of the visitor to your resource with an interesting and useful text, an open topic and the opportunity to get answers to all questions. If the visitor is interested in information, he will continue to study other pages of your resource, and may become your client.

Naming is a difficult and lengthy process, the purpose of which is not only to come up with name options and check them for uniqueness, but also to test name options on your target audience, and choose the final name. Ultimately, the brand or product is registered to protect it and brought to market.

In the process of naming, our company strictly adheres to the following rules:

Huge amount of unique information

Complex structure and clear navigation

Contains many interactive services

Designed for a large number of visitors at the same time

Why is it important?


High-quality naming helps to easily remember the name, recognize, increase interest and demand for your product / service. The name will distinguish your company from competitors and push the client to make a choice in its favor. Creating just such memorable names is our main task when naming.


It consists of several words that form a catchy, bright and well-remembered phrase for the audience. We recommend placing the slogan at the end of the advertising message to summarize everything that has been said.

Our slogans:

Attract attention

Highlight product benefits

Provide audience attention

Form an emotional image

Summarize the main idea

Types of slogans


Image slogans are designed to form the desired image of your brand and increase its recognition among consumers. They reflect the philosophy and purpose of your company, reveal its mission.

Video advertising is a one-of-a-kind marketing tool in separate worlds. What were the results of an advertising campaign without a quality script.

The main thing in this process is to solve the problem by hitting your target audience. realized to us, you will get the idea embodied in your advertising script. In addition, we ourselves organized the process of creating an advertising video, taking on the work of shooting a video and overlaying an audio sequence.

What you might need advertising
script for:

Advertise your product or service

Raise the rating of your company by advertising the image

Refine the existing advertising audio material with a video sequence

Stages of work:



Before we start working on the text, we need to know everything about your product.



The quality of our work and the final result directly depends on the analysis of your target audience.



It is important for us to know where you plan to place the video: on television, on social networks, on a corporate website.



Our team will develop a creative concept for your advertising script and start writing it.

Why does this technique work so well with your customers and solve many business problems? Because the main task of storytelling is to influence the thinking of the audience with new techniques, which is already fed up with the abundance of flashy advertising offering to give money for any little thing. Unlike most advertising, storytelling does not cause consumer rejection. Do you think that it does not have advertising techniques? Of course there are, only they are hidden and unobtrusive with the help of emotional saturation and blurred boundaries between reality and fiction.

Where it works this trick works best:

Description of your company's history

In social networks, while maintaining your blog

When preparing advertising texts

In mailing letters to clients

What is important when creating storytelling?


  • the presence of the main character;
  • time and place;
  • facts and details that make the story credible;
  • intrigue to capture the interest of the audience;
  • constant dynamics of actions to maintain interest;
  • formulation of the main idea.


And everything else at the meeting!

You can email us or fill out the feedback form and our team will contact you immediately! We will definitely work together!